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High Holiday Services


The members of Beth Boruk Temple encourage all Jews in the Richmond area to join us for High Holiday services.  

Rosh Hasahana


Come celebrate the New Year with the congregation of Beth Boruk Temple!  Here's to a sweet new year!

Yom Kippur


Erev Yom Kippur, morning, afternoon, memorial and concluding services are held.  

Adult Learning


Adult learning is conducted on Saturday mornings when Shabbat services are held.  All are welcome to attend!

Shabbat Services


Friday night Shabbat Services are held on a regular basis during the months of September through April.  Beth Boruk Temple enlists the services of a student rabbi from the Hebrew Union College in Cincinnati. All Shabbat services start at 6:00 p.m.  

Youth Religious School


Youth Religious School is conducted on Saturdays when services are held. Details are available be contacting a temple board member or the student rabbi.

Earlham Jewish Students


Jewish Earlham College students are encouraged to be a part of our community while in Richmond during their collegiate career.  If a student needs transportation of support, please contact a temple board member or the student rabbi.

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