Message from our President

Welcome to the Year 5780

5780 promises to be another year of experiencing community at Beth Boruk. Our presence in the Richmond community is long-standing and an integral part of this town.  The Richmond community has undergone many changes during the past couple of years.  Our Jewish community has grown as well.  We have had many social, religious, and spiritual times together as we progressed through the Jewish calendar.  In addition we have served the greater Richmond community in many ways.


Last November we were invited to participate in an interfaith Thanksgiving service prior to Thanksgiving.  Robin Henry represented our community in a significant way, sharing some of the prayers of our tradition and providing explanation of Jewish heritage.  Listening to others there that day was a powerful experience.  Hopefully more of us can take part in such a sharing in the future.


Starting a new year is always a time to search for new meaning, reflect on times of the past, and make plans for the future.  Such is the case with the year 5780 before us.  Let us continue to grow and participate together.  We have a treasure here in east central Indiana that we need to preserve and renew.


L’shanah Tovah,

Lawrence M. Simkin

President, Beth Boruk Temple Board of Directors


Our Student Rabbi Rand Burke